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Keep blacks and hispanics out: This was a major part of my job description for the twenty years I worked as a strip club bouncer. Along with violating civil rights, I was expected to facilitate political corruption, act as a strong-arm robber, deliver violent beatings, turn a blind eye to drug dealing, falsify reports to the police, and cover up the shady dealings of local politicians. I have written a book that chronicles these acts and much more: Stripped: Twenty Years of Secrets From Inside the Strip Club. These acts continue today. Ignorance to what really happens inside these establishments allows these acts to continue, and they will continue until they are recognized and acknowledged and cease to be tolerated. Stripped is your opportunity to be educated to the truth.

About the Author: Brent Kenton Jordan has been employed by eight different strip clubs in San Diego and Las Vegas from 1983, to 2003, including Cheetahs Las Vegas during the FBI’s two year undercover sting operation (Operation G-Sting) that brought Federal indictments against the club’s owner and several members of both the San Diego and Las Vegas city council’s. Mr. Jordan is available for comments, speaking engagements, and interviews (e-mail and phone interviews accepted).

Contact: Brent Kenton Jordan 1016 Copper Moon Ln. North Las Vegas, Nevada 89031


KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas (sample interview of the author)