Summer visitor information

Summer is here at last and with it the time for summer orientation for the upcoming students to WCU. New students will be able to begin experiencing what college life will be like and learn valuable information about some of the programs offered. Before going on a summer visit, there are a few things to take that will make the trip more convenient. Invest in a good umbrella. Sudden and heavy rain in the Cullowhee Valley is a regular occurrence and can leave a guest soaked in a matter of minutes. The umbrella can also be used once the student has moved into the dorms since these freakish rain storms come all year long. The next item to bring is a bag or notebook to carry any important documents. If the visit is during the summer, pack a bottle of water in the bag since students will be walking for most of the day. Finally, if the visit is for over night orientation, students will be mailed a list of things they can bring. One of the most important items is a fan. The rooms in most of the dorms can and will become hot. Placing a box fan in the window helps relieve the stuffy rooms. Students will also be asked to bring sheets for the beds. An easier solution is to use a sleeping bag instead of the sheets. The sleeping bag will be less trouble to pack and easier to carry.At the beginning, students and their guardians will visit the Ramsey Center where they will be introduced to the Chancellor as well as other fellow newcomers. Along the outside of the stadium, students will be able to sift their way through the many booths of information. These booths will offer valuable information that might not be introduced again during the tour, so collect as many brochures as possible.Once students have been placed in their groups for the tour, the orientation begins. The guides, who are fellow classmates, will introduce students to the buildings and general information about the activities to do on campus. During these tours, the students are given an overwhelming amount of information. To help keep track of this abundance of information, a notepad and pen can help. Jotting down a few keys ideas or areas will make remembering it later easier. Visitors do not have to remember everything that is said during these tours. Once the school year is started, much of what was learned during the tour will be discussed again.Along with the long lectures that will be given, there will also be tables and tables full of information about the different majors, activities and helpful programs. Take all the brochures and pallets that look important. Also, it is important to ask questions. Being shy will not get questions answered. The guides are there to answer any questions that may come up or to clear up any misunderstandings. If the guides cannot answer a question, write it down to ask someone else later. The summer visitations are also a way for new students to make friends with future classmates. Many students come to orientation not knowing anyone, so socializing can make being in a new place less stressful. It will be very likely that students will see those they visited with again, so socializing with others will make coming back more enjoyable.