Foster and WCU defense fight for respect

No one in the world loves me,I’m headed for danger, don’t trust strangers,Put one in the chamber whenever I’m feeling this anger,Don’t wanna make excuses, cause this is how it is,What’s the use unless we’re shooting no one notices the youth,It’s just me against the world

Those lines from the Tu Pac Shakur song “Me Against the World” may just sum up how defensive tackle Felipe Foster and many Western Carolina defensive players feel. Overlooked and criticized when it comes to the SoCon and Division I-AA football, Foster and the Catamount defense are looking to flatten opponents this year and grab the attention of the SoCon and country. While Foster has grabbed some preseason All-American selections already, he hasn’t let it go to his head. “It’s no difference. Still gotta play ball. Ain’t nothing changed,” said Foster. Even with the preseason mentions, Foster still has to fend off critics who say he doesn’t make enough big plays. “A lot of times I’m getting double teamed. If I was going one on one with somebody, it would be a different story. Besides stats don’t bother me,” said Foster. The critics don’t stop there as many expect WCU’s defense to tumble this year. “We didn’t lose too many people. We’re bringing back a lot of people that played last season. Coach Powers is real cool. He can’t compare to nobody else,” said Foster. While the defense lost defensive coordinator Jeff Collins from last year’s team, Foster is not worried as he said, “Coach Powers and Coach Collins are complete opposites, but Powers knows what he’s doing and what he’s talking about. They are both good coaches.” Foster and the WCU defense keep being overlooked, but it’s not a problem. Instead it is just more motivation to use. Being overlooked is actually a problem Foster has faced for quite a while. Coming out of high school, Foster was recruited by Georgia Southern, the University of Ohio, and Wake Forest. Wake Forest told him he was too short, and so he ended up in Cullowhee. At 6’2″ and 300 lbs, the massively built Foster more than makes up for his lack of height with width, strength, and quickness. Maybe Wake should have thought a little bit more when they refused to give him a scholarship. While in Cullowhee, Foster has had his ups and downs. He missed a game his sophomore year due to injury, wasn’t able to start two games last year due to nagging injuries, and will miss the first game this season due to an MCL sprain suffered in practice. The expectations are no lower, though, as he expects himself and all the seniors to have a good season. “The whole team needs to just ball out and win. On defense we have to do like last year, and maybe step it up a little bit more,” said Foster. While he’s hoping to play in the NFL, Foster has a back-up plan of working for Homeland Security as he is graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. For some reason, I doubt that the NFL overlooks Foster like others may have. As a matter-of-fact, Foster, who may be one of the biggest Tu Pac fans around, may be singing a different tune next year at this time.

Yeah, all the homies that I ain’t talk to in a while,I’m send this one out for y’all, know what I mean?Cause I ain’t mad at cha,Heard y’all tearin up sh*t out there, kicking up dust,I ain’t mad at cha.