WCU disc golf course is a hole in one

For those who are ready to test their skill at disc golf, a course is now located on the campus of Western Carolina University. Located across from the parking lot on the road going to Norton Residence Hall and the Greek Village, the course takes about 45 minutes to play, and each hole is a par three. The course has already attracted existing fans of the game-over 200 people are estimated to play each week-and new people who have never participated before can begin, as well. A round on the disc golf course is not a walk in the park. The course is not straight or easy, and water hazards, poles, and trees threaten to get in the way of discs. According to Debra Swartz, Director of Intramurals at WCU, “The course has challenging holes so that people will not get bored and tired of it.” Dr. Chris Tuten, an instructor of Human Health, is excited about the disc golf program. He says the course is a fun method of fitness that is also safe. Tuten adds that the course makes each disc golfer “more of a player,” and he is knowledgeable in this area since he plays at the Master’s Level himself. Justin Menickelli is an Associate Professor of the Department of Human Health, and he also sees many benefits to having a disc golf course on campus. “Disc golf is a great activity for campus because there is very little environmental and visual destruction,” he says. “The course has been packed with students, so students’ interest is very high.” Menickelli adds that WCU is seeking administrative approval to add a second nine holes of disc golf to the new Millennium Campus. For more information on the Western Carolina University disc golf course, please visit its website at www.ceap.wcu.edu/menickelli/catamount_links.htm. The website also features a video of a hole-in-one that has already taken place. The popularity of the course is off to a fast start, and it is bound to get even more popular in the days to come.