Cosmic therapy through art

What do you get when you combine self-being, quantum physics, art and numerology? Cosmic Therapy Through Art Cosmic Therapy Through Art is a unique, interactive art and literature exhibit that has been created by graduate student Paula Pyle. However, Cosmic Therapy Through Art is not only an exhibit, it is also a book, written by Pyle. Upon first entering the exhibit, or opening the book, one must use a chart that Pyle has derived from her experiences in numerology to find one’s number for the day. To find this number, one must follow a series of addition problems until reaching a single digit number. Once the number for one’s day has been found, one must look through the book, and/or walk around the art exhibit until that number is found. When found, this number will have a piece of art, created by Pyle, and a paragraph that is said to have a profound statement on one’s life at that point in time. At first, the art may seem unrelated to the paragraph, but that’s when one’s creativity comes into play to relate the artwork to the paragraph. Pyle does not have one specific medium of art that she prefers. In fact, she has dabbled in all aspects of art, including painting, drawing, sketching, collage, and even photography. However, what makes her art different from most works seen the Fine and Performing Arts Center is that Pyle chooses to use less expensive materials instead of high-end art supplies. “I believe that beautiful things can be created with anything. There’s no need to waste [money],” said Pyle. But why is Pyle taking the time to do this and share this with everyone? It’s not for the money or the fame or to start her career. It’s because she believes so strongly that “Man is an artist; every single person from the day they were born.” According to Pyle, the main want/need of mankind is to relate and express themselves; whether it’s through painting, drawing, writing, creating music, or anything. Therefore, Pyle has dedicated her exhibit to helping people learn how to use the artist within to express themselves- even those that do not think they can “do art.” “My art is outward manifestations of an inward feeling,” said Pyle when speaking of a specific doodle hanging in the exhibit. “That doodle was inside me, a subconscious idea,” said Pyle. However, not only does Pyle feel that it is important for adults to express themselves through art, but also children. “I believe ages 9-12 are the most critical in a child’s art development,” said Pyle. If a child is scolded for doing art between these ages, it could damage and even prevent them from doing art for the rest of their lives. In order to teach this, Pyle has begun to take her lessons to the classrooms for all children (and adults) to learn the values to art and expressing oneself. Presently, the Cosmic Therapy Through Art is on display in the Fine and Performing Arts Center. However, it will be making a move into the Belk building on October 1, 2006, and will stay until November 8. Pyle will also be teaching classes on her studies in Cosmic Therapy. To sign up for these classes, or to order Pyle’s book, there are sign up sheets placed throughout the exhibit.