Channel 62, Campus TV

Western students can tune into various channels from any dorm. On those long days of being hounded by tests, teachers and stress what better way to relax than to watch a little TV? If there isn’t much to watch, Channel 62 gives a little change in pace. Channel 62 broadcasts the one and only Western Carolina University and is the source for information concerning up coming events and athletics. Traditionally, Channel 62 airs a slide show for most of the week. The slide show features events and recent game scores or up coming games. Beginning in the Fall Semester of 2000 the station expanded on their entertainment with video commercials for clubs or campus organizations upon request instead of the normal slide show. Incase anyone missed an important event or announcement during the week, Channel 62 features “WCU Week in Review.” This student newscast covers events, major issues concerning the campus and a summary of the athletics. There is also the WCU original series, “Cullowhee Cribs and Whee Cuisine.” Cullowhee Cribs talks about life on campus while Whee Cuisine features food for thought. Channel 62’s mission statement is, “Channel 62 is a service of Western Carolina University and seeks encourage an open forum of communication and discussion of campus issues as well as provide a platform for events, entertainment and expression to increase a sense of unity in our community.” Katherine Smith, Assistant Director of Student Media and Marketing, said,” that soon all broadcasting will take place in the Student Media Center.” Currently broadcasting takes place in the UC even though the offices are in the Student Media Center. Smith said, “we hope that soon will we have a cable that runs to the Student Media Center so we can broadcast from there.” As of now Channel 62 is off air as new shows are put in place. Until further notice there will be a Channel 62 kick-off on January 23 and new interested students are encouraged to attend. New up-dates will be added to future articles.