Vocal Performance Classes at WCU

So, I hear you want to sing. Fortunately for all WCU students, there are many outlets for your vocal talent to be showcased. In fact, many of these opportunities can be found right in the course catalog. Preparatory vocal instruction, fundamental learning, University Chorus, and Concert Choir are the most popular and the easiest ways for students to sing their hearts out.

Applied preparatory (MUS 105) is a class bent on instructing music in both private and group sessions. The vocal section requires one group meeting a week, as well as individual instruction. Prerequisites include an audition or permission from the department head.

Voice class (MUS 158 and 159) is offered on two different levels for beginning or intermediate students. This class pairs students with a music instructor for the fundamentals of vocal performance. No prerequisite is required.

For those WCU students who are simply interested in singing with a group, the University Chorus (MUS 171 or 371 for upperclassmen) offers a semi-relaxed atmosphere where students are exposed to singing a variety of classic and modern choral pieces. At least twice a semester, the chorus will sing public concerts at the school. No prerequisite is required.

Concert Choir (MUS 172 or 372 for upperclassmen) is similar to University Choir in that the students are asked to learn a variety of music, but the focus is often on a cappella or classic choral pieces. The number of students is limited in this choir, and because more advanced vocal talent is required, an audition is necessary for admission into the class.

For more information about these or any music classes, visit the Music Department’s homepage at music.wcu.edu.