When Laziness Kicks In, Television Is Your Cure

Laziness; we’ve all suffered through it at one point in our life. With long weeks, and grueling work schedules along with excruciating classes, sometimes its hard to blame anyone for being lazy every once in a while. Whenever you feel lazy and don’t feel like producing anything for society, watching television is a good way to escape the everyday stresses of school, work, and the real world, even if it is just for an hour or two. Laziness seems to kick in every single day of the week for me. Going to school from 8-2 and working until about 5 or 6 o’clock, every single day, it’s a good thing that I have a favorite television show to watch for every day of the week. Some shows are so boring and completely unreal that they almost become unbearable to watch. However, there are shows on television that can draw me in and leave me on the edge o my seat from the very beginning all the way to the season finale. Monday night is my least favorite day of the week, because you’re back in classes after a weekend of partying. Despite being my least favorite day of the week, Monday is perhaps my favorite night of the week with two awesome shows airing on Fox. ’24’ season six is in the aftermath of its explosive and intense season premiere. I sure am glad that Federal Agent Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is back and badder than ever. ’24’ is an edge of your seat thriller, where each episode is one hour out of an extremely long day. The show takes place in real time format, and it centers itself around terrorism and preventing attacks from happening on American soil. Despite a lot of my favorite characters dying in season 5, ’24’ still delivers the rock solid action that I live for. And I thought my days were bad. Maybe I should walk a mile in Jack Bauer’s shoes. Coming on before ’24’ on Monday nights is another one of my favorite shows which also keeps me wanting more. “Prison Break” focuses on two incarcerated brothers, six other escaped convicts, and a corrupt government. Michael Scoffield, the younger brother of Lincoln Burrows, purposely puts himself in prison to help his brother escape after being wrongfully accused of murder. Burrows allegedly killed the Vice President’s brother, who happens to still be alive. With the local authorities after them and the government wanting them dead, “Prison Break” helps give me something to look forward to on Monday nights. I center my Tuesday nights on the medical drama “House, M.D.” Dr. Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie) and his medical team face different cases each episode. Laurie has been nominated for two Emmy’s for his portrayal as the maverick Dr. House, who mixes humor and intelligence in each episode. Wednesday nights is dedicated to “Lost,” which is currently on hiatus until February. So Wednesday night is my night to just relax and watch whatever is on. However, when “Lost” returns, believe me, I will be glued. “Lost” is centered around a plane crash and how survivors are forced to live with each other on a mysterious island. The island that they are on poses unique threats and puts the characters in dangerous predicaments. The main goal of the characters was to survive, but as time has moved forward, it’s all about unlocking the secrets of the island. Thursday nights is kind of a hard decision for me. Two of the best shows on television are on at the same time. My girlfriend and I flip between “The O.C.” and the ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, with Mediacom no longer playing WLOS-13, I have to catch “Grey’s Anatomy” online the following day. And yes, my fellow Cullowheeans, I too have been sucked into the “Grey’s Anatomy” phenomena. I guess I can thank my girlfriend for that. I am still in shock that McDreamy had a wife the entire time while he was fooling around with Meredith. With “The OC” seeing its final days as the series prepares to come to an end, I still look forward to seeing Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen’s adventures every Thursday night. “The OC” is targeted towards a younger audience and focuses on a troubled teenager from the streets who moves in with a rich family, the Cohen’s, in Orange County in California. The show is about Ryan’s adventures in Newport Beach and shows how he matures into an adult. Maybe it’s time for “The OC” to end, as it may have run its course. However, if you still love “The OC” then watch it every Thursday night at 9 on Fox to boost its ratings. Friday nights I just flip around and watch whatever is on. The majority of the time, nothing really good is on Friday nights, so you know what that means? I take an adventure to Quin Theatres to escape in another fantasy land on the big screen. Saturday and Sunday I spend watching football, basketball, or any sort of sport that is on. Sunday nights I spend catching up on my homework that I waited until the last minute to do. So, all my fellow Cullowheeans when laziness kicks in, television is your cure!