So you’re working on that degree, but you just don’t know how to gain that vitally important experience that employers seem to crave. Well worry no more; WCU has a plethora of internship opportunities just waiting for you. No matter what your major is, there is someone out there that wants you.

In addition, there are opportunities all over America, from California to New York. Of course, if you prefer more of a home town flavor, there are plenty of internships available in North Carolina or even right here on our own campus.

Even better, an internship is not just work experience, but a graded class that will count for some of those much needed credit hours. Some are paid, while others offer only the opportunity to gain experience. But either way, it is an extremely valuable opportunity to gain an edge for future employment.

If you are interested in hearing about what an internship can do for you, there are several ways to find out. First, you should check with your department head, who will then refer you to whichever department would suit you best.

If you are undeclared or unable to reach your department head, you could simply stop by Career Services on the second floor of the Killian Annex building to set up and appointment and go through the options most suited to you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Lastly, if you’d just like a little more information about internships or if you’d like to read about students who have taken part in them, visit http://www.careers.wcu.edu.