Money over our mouths?

It is always a dreaded thing. No one wants to do it, and everyone asks about it. What do you want to eat on campus today? When it comes to eating on campus, that question always arises. And there is another question that almost always appears with it. What is open? With as few choices as we get around here, I have to ask, what is the deal? Why can’t the food places we have be open more often? We are a small school. And people who come here have to come to terms with the smallness of this place. And while being small gives the students great bonuses like smaller classrooms, it also has its pitfalls like few food choices. The problem of having so few choices of locations would not be so bad if the places we did have were open more often. Dodson is infamous for only sections being open at a time. Can people be satisfied with giving us only half of our choices? On the weekends, places open at odd hours and never stay open late. This gives students little to chose from. Why can’t places be open for longer periods? Why can’t places be open every day? It is understandable that with a small campus, there are fewer people to run the stations, and with the suitcase campus, there aren’t as many people around on the weekends who need food anyway. But people aren’t going to be willing to stay on the weekends when they don’t have options open for eating. If people are going home for the sole purpose of ensuring they get food, well then I don’t blame them. We have many options open to us during the week, but head to Dodson after 8, or better, on Saturday, and you will find only three stations partially opened. Even the places they do keep open don’t serve a full menu. And Brown, Brown is hardly open at all. There are 168 hours in a week, and Brown is open for less than 28 of them. Why? Why can’t the students who stay on campus get better food? Why can’t our food choices be open to us all the time? Why are we penalized for staying around late at night or on the weekend? This campus will never grow or become active if the basic needs of the students aren’t being met. Students need to have every option for food open to them whenever they want. Is money really that important? Can the management really be that concerned with turning a profit that they cut corners and neglect their students? With as much as we are charged for what little food we are given, there should be no reason why our food options shouldn’t be open to us all of the time. Twenty-four hours a day is a lot to ask for, but asking for all of the food places to at least be open regular hours every day is not. Students should be given their food options no matter what day of the week it is. And they should get what they want at a reasonable hour, too. We deserve our dinner rights. We deserve to be fed!