Color change

In college, it is important for students to learn every trick to doing well in school as well as in life. We have learned all the tricks of the trade for studying and eating right. But what about our environment? What can we do to help enhance our environment and therefore enhance ourselves and our performance at school? Surround ourselves with color! Studies show that certain colors evoke certain emotions. For examply, red and yellow together evoke a feeling of speed. That’s why most fast food places use those colors in their signs. By knowing which colors can have good effects on us, we can use them to our advantage. Here are some choices that are good, and some color choices you should stay away from.• Blue/Green- makes you eat slower.• Red/Yellow-makes you eat faster/• Bright Colors- makes extroverts comfortable.• Muted Monochromatic Colors- makes introverts more comfortable.• Yellow- induces creativity but can make you irritable when overused.• Green- helps to increase recovery speed.• Blue- makes you more tranquil.• Grey- when used in moderation makes you look dependable. So wear a little grey on an interview!So by surrounding yourself with certain colors, you can help to change your behaviors. Having trouble studying? Try putting little flashes of yellow around the room. Are you tense from the stress of school? Try putting up more blue pictures. When used in small measures, colors can really help to change how you feel and how you work. Just be cautious; using too much of any color will negate its effectiveness, and eventually the color will not help you at all. The science behind why colors are so important is very difficult. No one knows for sure why certain colors create certain moods. Some people believe it is because of the colors’ influence in nature. Others believe it has to do with the location of the color within the color spectrum and the way the brain reacts to its location. No matter how it works, next time you need a little change for your mood or school habits, try changing colors!