Feng shui your room

Feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is an old Chinese tradition in arranging and placing furniture and decorations in order to increase energy flow and promote harmony with your surrounding atmosphere. Colors, symbols, furniture and pictures can be sources of good and bad energy. When good energy is flowing in a room, the inhabitant will be able to feel the calming effects.Each decorating principle is related to a specific color, natural element and type of luck. By following the feng shui techniques and guidelines, one’s life is supposed to be enhanced and more centrally energized. There are many schools of feng shui, and it is difficult to follow all the guidelines of every single school of practice. Although you really should have an entire house in order to follow the guidelines exactly, here are some tips to organize your dorm or apartment.

• Family portraits enhance the importance of family members and when placed in the west part of the room, can bring luck in family relations.• Always keep your room well lit. Lighting should be concentrated in the southwest or center of the room. This brings good relationship luck.• Do not place furniture under exposed beams or pipes.• Placing your aquarium or fish bowl in the southeast section of your room brings wealth and luck.• Good health energy is created by placing plants or flowers in the eastern area of your room.• Keep your desk in plain sight, in such a position that you can see the majority of the room.• Avoid clutter to allow for better energy flow.• Exposed shelves in the living area send out killing energy.There is a lot of information available about feng shui and its decorating techniques. For quick access, guidelines can be found by typing “feng shui” into any search engine.