Personality Plus: How to understand others by understanding yourself

Personality Plus is an incredible book by Florence Littauer; I grew up reading about personalities, and this book is by far the best. It is a great tool for understanding why you act the way you do and why those around you behave in the ways that they do. This book only takes a weekend or a couple weekdays to complete; it is definitely an interesting read. It’s amazing how simple it becomes to read when we read about ourselves. The book focuses on the four main personalities: sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic and choleric. Once you begin to discover which one best fits you, you suddenly realize that you may not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder, among other things (although some do indeed deal with these disorders). You also begin to see why you have the friends that you do, or why you get along better with one parent than the other. In my situation, it has helped me to get along better with those around me and better understand my husband.We all know someone who is constantly talking-loudly-and telling their best stories over and over, someone who is a bit of a perfectionist, someone who is the best listener in the world (because they barely talk) and someone who almost always manages to run the show-and tell everyone else what they need to do. I am sure you thought of at least a couple of people that fit those descriptions. This is an eye-opening book written by an author who knows how to get you laughing; I would definitely recommend this book for anyone, especially people who do not like to read.