Take a Trip around the World from Your Television Set

Interested in doing some traveling this summer? Can you not decide where you should go? Well, The Travel Channel is the perfect guide to help you plan your summer destination and take the ultimate vacation.The Travel Channel is a cable television network that features several documentaries and how-to shows pertaining to travel and leisure around the United States as well as all over the world. Several programs have included Africa; they have shown several documentaries on African animal safaris. The channel takes you inside the world’s grandest hotels giving you tours of popular cities and towns in the United States and in the world. Recent programming has put emphasis on how rich people travel, and they also take you on haunted excursions on one of their popular shows Most Haunted. Most Haunted debuted in 1998 and is hosted by Yvette Fielding, and her husband Karl Beattie. This show is based on investigating rumored haunted places and also discusses several acts of paranormal activity. In January of 2007, the channel launched Most Haunted’s ninth season. The show is now called: New Most Haunted. Great Hotel is another one of the top shows the network offers to its viewers. This show is hosted by Samantha Brown and she travels around the United States to show off the country’s most famous and most elegant hotels. Brown stays at the hotel and discusses with the viewers at home the layout, shows them the rooms, and she also gives the hotel’s history or any other special feature that make this hotel one of the most elite in the nation. Culture Shock is another top show on the network. Hosted by Shenaz Treasurywala, this show explores several peculiar customs and bizarre traditions of various cultures around the world. In the first season, they discussed the India Rat Temple, and the adherents of Hindu sub-culture. They spent the majority of the first season in India and Thailand. Another popular show on The Travel Channel is World Poker Tour, which might be its most popular show on the network. This show is a series of poker tournaments that feature some of the world’s biggest and best poker players. As of early April, however, the show announced that it will be leaving the Travel Channel and will be moving to The Game Show Network. Currently in the United States, this channel has roughly 84 million subscribers. So, if you want to be the one to see the entire world from your television set, order this channel and look at the interesting programs on it. It tells you what you should and should not do to make your summer getaway more enjoyable and more relaxed. This channel gives you an opportunity to see the world from your home, but it is nothing compared seeing it for yourself. The channel just serves as a guide for you to decide whether or not that travel hotspot is the right place for you to go.