How to Have a Silly Summer

I check facebook and I see what you guys are doing in Cullowhee for the summer. When you’re not going to class, you’re either up to absolutely nothing and glued to the TV, or computer all day, or you’re up to no good. I’ve seen the facebook pictures! So here’s a list of things to do when there is nothing else to do so you can have a silly summer in the ‘Whee:1) Go on Now you can make Tyra Banks as fat as everyone is making her out to be! 2) Have a tea party. Yes, I’m dead serious. If Soul Infusions can make as much money as they do, you can surely have a tea party of your very own.3) Bake a cake and go have a cake fight with your fellow boredom buddies. Because you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. But you can chuck it at your neighbor when (s)he’s not looking. So what if it’s not anyone’s birthday? Make up your own holiday.4) Trade your stuff with your neighbors’. Embarrassed to still have that old Backstreet Boys CD? Trade it to a neighbor who still squeals at the sight of them (that is, if those people still exist). Or pool together your old stuff and sell it on eBay.5) Get your friends together and go to the thrift store and buy the cheapest, tackiest clothes you can find. REACH is an awesome place to go – you might even find some stuff that is cheap that you like. Plus, you need to do this for #9.6) Search for soundboards on the net and prank call people. You can be whoever you want to be, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Hannibal Lector. You could even change the voice-mail on your cell phone to make it the voice mailbox of The Ladies Man. Or Tom Cruise, you know, whichever.7) Start an air band. Yeah, right – like you’ve never played air guitar before. I guess a real band would be just as well, too.8) Make your own funny T-shirts. A few tubes of puff paint and an old T-shirt can go a long way for very little cost.9) Get your friends together and go to the bowling alley in the clothes you got from #5. You are guaranteed a night to remember in that outfit.10) And lastly, my personal favorite: Try not to think about hippos. By trying too much, you remember what you were trying to avoid thinking of, and if you try too little, you end up thinking about hippos anyway. I know it’s hard. They’re just so darn cool, though.