The Nanny Diaries By Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

In light of the new movie, I decided dig deep into my book shelf and dust off an copy of The Nanny Diaries to review. The Nanny Diaries tells a story that most teenagers and young adults know all too well. It is a story of young girl, in college in New York City, that has just taken a position as a nanny for an upper class family. Four year old Grayer X is Nanny’s new buddy. However, Nanny has bitten off more than she can chew when taking this job. Not only does she have to look after a four year old, Mrs. X, Grayer’s mom, begins to give Nanny almost impossible and unrelated tasks. Nanny’s first task is to get items for gift bags to be given at a dinner party. And the tasks only get more bizarre from there. There is so much to keep up with: play dates, french lessons, outfits, ice skating, museum visits, lunch, and so much more. How does Nanny keep up with it all? Well, not even a break can save Nanny. Even when the X’s go on a vacation, plans get turned around and once again, Nanny is called back to her post to look after little Grayer. Interacting with a family for such a long time, one is bound to uncover many family secrets. This was no different for Nanny. A high-class, New York family has just as much to hide. What does she find out? McLaughlin and Kraus do an excellent job telling the story of a nanny. Not only is The Nanny Diaries told with humor, but the characters are relatable. By deciding to call the main character “Nanny”, and not giving a specific name, it helps the reader to identify with Nanny. Also, by giving the main family the last name of “X”, once again, the reader can create a connection through personal experience. The story is also told through letters left for Nanny by Mrs X and vise versa. By choosing to tell the story through this method, it helps establish the type of relationship the characters have with one another. I am not usually one for reading books more than once. However, I enjoyed reading The Nanny Diaries just as much the second time, as I did the first. Therefore, if you are looking for an entertaining, light, but enjoyable read, I suggest you pick up a copy of The Nanny Diaries. Or at least give the book a chance before you head off to the movie.