Why the South?

Why would anyone want to live in the South? After all, so many terrible things happened here. Then again, terrible things happen everywhere. What is it about the southern states that attract people every year?

For many people, the attraction is the local history. Southern states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia abound with historical sites. From learning about Cherokee heritage through stories at the local museums to ghost hunting along the eerie streets in Savannah, everyone can find some historical interest in the South.

“It’s one of those places where you can go out into your backyard and breathe fresh air,” claims senior Charlotte Hagins. “People can say ‘hi’ to you on the street and, around here, you don’t have to feel threatened.” Not only do people appear to be friendly down south, they’re more laid back. “People talk slower and I don’t feel like I’m in a rush,” says Hagins. “It’s more casual.”

For many people, the weather is a key factor. The South is naturally warm. If you can stand the occasionally high humidity, it is a wonderful place to live and vacation, especially due to the variations in landscape. For example, North Carolina has mountains, a piedmont, and beaches all within a few hours of each other.

For Jessica Rigsbee, there are two things about the South that she would find hard to give up: “I love cornbread and sweet tea.” Like most natives, Jessica Rigsbee is a huge fan of the ultra-sweet tea that is now a southern necessity. Any student that has lived in or traveled to any northern state would know that sweet tea is not a common occurrence. Of course, who could ever forget the melt-in-your-mouth cornbread that is available at nearly every local restaurant?

History and dining may play a large role in the South’s attraction, but the beautiful scenery is also an important aspect. What is better than a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway on a fall day? The South is an excellent place to view the changing of seasons and the beauty that goes along with it.

It seems there is more to the South than just country music and warm weather. History, adventure, and beauty are all key elements of the place most of us call home.