Dear those that shall remain nameless,

Girls, we have all been there. The bad dates, the horrible breakups, and the downright strange behavior. Though, I admit that guys definitely have their moments of grace and clarity. There are two major things to address. For starters, we do not like being stood up. If for some reason you cannot keep a date with us, just call and say so. Don’t leave us hanging there. I personally don’t mind if you go and hang out with the guys every once in a while. It gives me a little time to myself. This brings up the next issue. Don’t ask me to buy or find a gift for another girl. This gives a very distinct impression that you have feelings for her even if you say you don’t. Second, try to remember important dates. It amazes me that some guys can remember who hit the most homeruns in 1956 but they can’t remember a birthday. To make it easier, try matching the date with another important date.