Switching sides: Gender lines are becoming vague in fashion

When it comes to guys and girls, there are obvious differences in clothing styles. Now that women are allowed to wear pants, teen clothing options have varied in the last century. Gender roles may dictate that these lines for clothing be strict, but recently they have become blurred and may seem nonexistent. Guys wear makeup and girls’ jeans, girls wear ties and trousers. But is cross-gender clothing quickly becoming a trend instead of a rare occurrence?I remember the first time I ever saw male cast member Miss J. on America’s Next Top Model wearing a pair of high heels. (Did that seem strange to anyone else?). Although I don’t frequently see men waltzing in stilettos around campus, the world has seen an upswing in the number of men who choose to wear women’s clothing. First, let’s dispel the lies. Wearing girls’ jeans does not automatically make a guy gay. Neither does wearing makeup, a fashion that originated with players in the music scene. Dressing in women’s clothing does not mean he’s “emo” or that he can’t afford his own jeans so he steals his sister’s pair. While writing this article, I asked the guys I saw wearing girls’ jeans what the deal is, and most claimed that the slender fit is more visually appealing to them. Buying girls’ jeans is cheaper than buying a guys’ designer brand that is cut the same way. Why the more slender fit? Well, I think we can all recognize that the reintroduction of the skinny, stovepipe, and cigarette jean style is a major factor in wanting to stay on top of trends. The fashion industry has begun to integrate this fad into their new lines. Urban Outfitters, Diesel, Chip & Pepper, and even Armani Exchange are presenting new skinny and more fitted jeans for men.Women, too, are bridging the gender gap by donning typically masculine styles. Urban Outfitters, Alloy, and Gap are just a few companies that are continuing to push trouser-style jeans and slacks along with “His” button-down shirts, blazers, and neck ties. Wearing undershirts and boxers-style underwear is also becoming pretty popular with the ladies. However, instead of being seen as odd, more masculine styles for women are being accepted and incorporated into almost every line of designer clothing. And here comes the double standard: Girls wearing men’s sweatpants and a baseball cap draw much less negative attention than men wearing high heels. I have a very close female friend who has more ties than my father, and rarely does someone question her about her sexual preference or gender identity. Yet we label men for wearing tight jeans? C’mon. But is there a line between being fashion-forward and just plain weird? If there is, I can’t tell you where it falls. Over the years, men’s and women’s fashion have both taken risks. Who can predict how long this cross-gender clothing trend will last? So next time you girls feel like taking a break from those stretch jeans, trade your guy for his denim. Just don’t be mad if his butt looks better in your jeans than your own.