Fresh fashion trends from 2007 offer tribute to the past

It seems that what was hip and happenin’ for fashion in 2007 was really just a blast from the past. My mom is regretting tossing her leggings and baby-doll tops, and my dad… actually, no, polyester is not back in style. From upscale elegance to African-inspired beadwork, we take a trip back in time to wind up the fashion trends of the year. We’ll rewind quite a few years to the Victorian age as one of the first influences for fashion in 2007. Elegant and opulent were no longer the terms used to describe formalwear, but were, in fact, the theme for casual wear, especially for younger women. High-necked, button-clasp blouses in casual fabrics made a peek-a-boo appearance this summer, shying away from the classic ’80s turtleneck that plagued us for so long. Other Regency-inspired styles were the integration of lace in everyday wear, the three-piece skinny suit for men (a style later stolen by the Beatles), romantic ruffles, real fur (PETA beware!), and Victorian boots. Interestingly, we skip about 70 years to get to the next era of clothing influence. Wide-collared jackets and huge sunglasses (a repeat offender from 2006) a lá Jackie O became popular for women, as well as the baby-doll shirt and dress. Ballerina flats, boat-necked tops, the empire waist, and bag dresses also made their mark in the ’60s and 2007. Guys got off easy from this era as very little influence on male clothing in 2007 can be traced to the ’60s. Who is the most notable 2007 follower of the ’60s fashion? I’ll give it to Amy Winehouse with those false eyelashes and the beehive hairdo. Skipping over mod, Native American influence in the early ’70s was also popular in 2007. From beading to moccasins, it’s hard to ignore the inspiration of Native Americans. The moccasin/loafer trend began a few years ago, but it is still running hard in 2007 for both men and women. We finish off the influences of 2007 fashion at the end of the ’70s with its bohemian stylings. Slouchy sweaters for men and women, high-waist pants, toggle coats, animal print, and African-inspired prints and colors jumped straight off the runway and onto the street in 2007. Besides the outright “avant-garde bum” style, 2007 echoed other ’70s styles. We saw an upswing in androgynous clothing, made popular by Annie Hall in the ’70s. Men found their niche in belt buckle logos, tighter pants, muscle tees, and the ever-popular polo shirt. We can also blame Vans slip-on sneakers on the ’70s. No matter if you appreciated being visited by the Ghost of Fashion Past in 2007, or if you wanted to crawl into a hole to escape the skinny jean trend, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: leggings were never intended to be worn as pants, so please refrain from doing so.