Top 5 Website Commentaries

Before diving into this article, I would like to take a moment to stress a few things about the below commentaries. First off, these commentaries in NO WAY reflect my opinion or the opinion of the Western Carolinian. They are actual comments, left by readers on our website. Also, please note that these commentaries have NOT been altered; which should explain the misspelled words, etc. However, some have been shortened. Some of these commentaries are funny, and others are downright mean. Therefore, I have graciously provided an Editor’s Response. Nonetheless, these comments may be viewed by anyone on our website: And please feel free to leave some comments of your own.With that said, please enjoy the following. I know that all of us at the Western Carolinian sure did.

5) Article: Is Religion Helpful or Harmful?Commenter: Lonnie Nord”GOD loves you!! HE wants what is best for you. HE has inspired people to write books about HIM and gather them together into the Bible. The Bible is the most important book you can read. If you start your day by talking with GOD and reading HIS word your day will be better.” Editor’s Sarcastic Response: Thanks for that. My life has been completely turned around by your god comment.

4) Article: Religious Tolerance & Acceptance of Muslims in AmericaCommenter: Westerner”Islam is the single most violent religion on the planet and it’s openly dedicated to dominating all the rest of us or seeing us dead. It is NOT a “religion of peace…The very last thing we need in America is tolerance of this horribly Fascistic religion that puts Hitlers Naziism to shame.”Editor’s Response: Wow, this person really missed the point of this article.

3) Article: Lilly Allen ReviewCommenter: Jessica”What are you on?… learn how to understand sarcasm, then maybe you’ll like her music a bit more. Your review is complete rubbish and I hope no one interested in her reads this.”Editor’s Response: Can’t you people understand that reviews are COMMENTARY, an opinion! They are not a bash on you, personally. 2) Article: Million Little PiecesCommenter: Teresa”i suggest actually reading the book, looking past the fact that its “poorly written” or more acurately, not formally written, and then, writing an article. when your done with all that, get a life.”Editor’s Sarcastic Response: Telling us to ‘get a life’ really shows how much of one you have.

1) Article: Lilly Allen ReviewCommenter: Andy from MS”If i get to marry a favorite person in the world, that would be Lily. not you, you’re on the very bottom (10,000,000th) of my list. Thanks for my time.”Editor’s Sarcastic Response: Wow, I didn’t know that people made lists of their choices of people to marry. 10,000,000, that’s a lot of people on the list, but glad to see that one of the Western Carolinian staff members made it!