Pineapple Express

By Jason W. EckardStaff Writer

August equals late summer comedies. Soon to come is “Tropic Thunder” and a little later in the month “The Rocker.” But for right now, the spotlight is on the latest Judd Apatow slash most-well-put-together-stoner-film-in-recent-history, “Pineapple Express.” Seth Rogan (“Superbad,” “Knocked Up”) plays Dale Denton, a process server for California who gets through his job by getting high…a lot. The provider of the materials needed is dealer Saul Silver played by James Franco. One fateful day, Saul sells Dale a cannabis strain named Pineapple Express, an extremely rare strand that is eventually traced back to Saul and Dale after Dale witnesses a major crime boss (Gary Cole) and a crooked cop (Rosie Perez) kill an Asian drug dealer. With bad guys on there tail, Saul and Dale must fight back, and do a lot of illegal stuff. The real chemistry in Pineapple Express comes from its great cast. The relationship between Seth Rogen and James Franco isn’t fake, they’ve been friends for years off camera and with this they’re really able to craft a believable relationship between a dealer and a user. As insane as things may get over the course of this film, never does the film contain sequences that stoners on the run from murders wouldn’t attempt. Be it hiding in dumpsters, hiding in trees or selling to 12 year olds. It’s a hilarious take on just where drug use can lead. And Rogan isn’t afraid to acknowledge just where he and Saul’s habits have landed them, while they aren’t changing their ways, they realize that their habits have detracted from their lives more so then added. What is most pleasing about Pineapple Express is that when the 3rd act hits, the film isn’t afraid to get bloody and violent like the Michael Mann 80’s action films it’s paying tribute to. Be it some of the most brutal deaths to ever involve a Daewoo or the classic “Ninjas vs. Bad Guys” sequences, Pineapple Express holds its own as a messy action film. Expect a sequel, as the story leaves itself open for one, and it’s sure to make a killing at the box office. Seth Rogan, James Franco and Danny McBride have created a trio of fun-loving characters who definitely haven’t seen the end of weed-fueled insanity. All in all, a very entertaining end of the summer comedy that you should totally check out.