Finally Jim and Pam Are Happy Together

By Max Kath

Staff Writer

“Office” fans rejoice! The new season is off to a great start. It started off on a really positive note by showing the viewers what happened over the eight weeks of summer that the show usually glosses over. By doing this the writers have made it possible for us to actually see what happens to our favorite mid-level paper distribution branch and its cast of charming yet idiotic characters. We got to see what happened to Dwight and Angela after they got caught in a very compromising situation, we get more development on Michael and Holly’s “relationship” and of course we see Jim finally pop the big question to Pam and her subsequently saying yes. It was enough for three episodes but the writers were able to make one great hour long episode and please the fans by answering all their questions in one fell swoop. That being said there are some things that were hinted at in the episode that didn’t sit well with long-time fans, and if they continue there will be bad consequences.

First was the fact that Angela is still engaged to Andy. This was an incident that left a very bitter taste in many viewers’ mouths at the end of the fourth season finale because Andy proposed to Angela right as Jim was about to propose to Pam at the office carnival, stealing his thunder. This was an unforgivable sin that most fans were willing to kill over, and I don’t mean that metaphorically. They would actually kill over that sort of thing. So the idea that Angela would still be with Andy after she would get caught cheating on him with Dwight is a little annoying because everyone wants Andy gone and thrown into the gutter.

Michael and Holly need to get together pronto. Michael went back to Jan, who is clinically insane. She went to a sperm bank and got herself pregnant to lure him back into her life. Michael found a soul-mate in Holly and by going back to Jan over such ridiculous circumstances he has really hurt his chances of getting with Holly. The season premiere gave us so many great scenes of the two characters together, being really cute and sweet to each other and when ever the viewers see Jan they just cringe a little inside because they know she is a powder keg of crazy ready to explode. Message to the writers: please don’t keep Michael and Jan together. It would be disaster.

Finally there is the little issue of a young art student flirting with Pam. Pam went to the an art school in New York City for three months to further her skills as a sketch artist. During her Attendance, we see scenes of her hanging out with a group of people and some young student flirting with her and she flirts back a little. We have waited five years for Pam and Jim to get together, and if some insignificant little troll comes in and steals her away from him…lets just say that there will be a bigger blood lust than the one over the whole Andy/Angela relationship. All joking aside these story lines are interesting and have the potential to be the some of the best story lines the show has ever had.