New Parking Lot Available on Campus

Some progress has been made in remedying the nightmare-parking on campus. A new parking lot was recently laid between Scott Hall and the small commuter lot beside Reid Gym.

Containing 70 spaces that will be available to commuter and handicapped students, thus far, there has been no suggestion that this will cause any shifts in parking in that area-freshman parking will remain behind Scott and in the overflow areas. While this addition will not be improving resident parking, it is welcomed by commuter students. Commuters who take classes later in the day have often reported driving around campus for over an hour, looking for a parking spot.

The parking lot will most likely be opened next week, with a tentative date of February 9th. Some minor work needs to be done before completion. A walkway still needs to be constructed from Reid Gym to the lot, and light posts will be installed. Also, the asphalt will have to be laid again because of quality issues. This will be done sometime after the initial opening of the lot, although it is safe to park on until that work begins.

Far from the multi-tiered deck that many fantasized about being constructed on campus, this lot does show that the University has taken parking woes into consideration and taken action.