WCU Freshman Orientation 2009

On Monday, June 22, 2009, Western Carolina University welcomed 600 incoming freshman to campus. After checking in at the residence halls, students were welcomed to the Ramsey Center Concourse for an informational fair where they were helped to configure their computers and were provided with an introduction to what WCU life has to offer.

Several student religious groups were present, including Campus Rock and the Pagan Student Association. Proponents of diversity groups such as Project CARE and Multicultural affairs were also present.

Multicultural Center Director, Tanisha Jenkins stated, “WCU continues to provide programs, activities, and services to students of all backgrounds. The Safezone Program is aimed at educating and welcoming the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender into the WCU community and surrounding area.”

Student Government Association President Josh Cotton and Ryan Deegan, SGA Finance Senator were also present.

Cotton stated, “Any student, not just incoming freshmen, should become involved in Student Government. SGA gives students the opportunity to have a say in which direction WCU continuously grows.”

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Sam Miller welcomed the future students to WCU in saying “This year, WCU received a record high, topping ten thousand applications for admission. The entering class has the highest GPA and SAT scores. Did I mention that this is a fine looking group of people? Congratulations on making a smart decision.”

On August 21, nearly one thousand students will enter the Western Peaks Community, kicking off WCU’s Week of Welcome, which will include activities that will kick off at Western’s own Valley Balleyhoo.

After a small group introduction game, lunch was provided at Dodson Cafeteria. Incoming students were given the opportunity to eat and mingle with other new students.

Nick, an incoming student hoping to become a physical education teacher, says “I’m looking forward to getting away from home, the change, meeting new people and becoming involved.”

Kyle, who hopes to study German, expressed that he “plan[s] to become involved in Project CARE and Intramural Sports.”

“I’m thrilled. I can’t wait until August is finally here,” exclaimed incoming freshman Krissy, from Shelby, NC. “I’m planning to get involved and am looking forward to student life.”

WCU Director of Residential Living Keith Corzine introduced students to what living on campus would be like and encouraged them to be open minded when meeting and getting to know their roommates.

Students were also able to learn about university academics and were able to experience living responsibly, with various advising still present.