News Editor

Lex Menz became News Editor in the fall semester of 2010 after working with the Western Carolinian for three semesters. A lover of theatre and film, she first signed on as an Arts and Entertainment contributing writer, then became a staff writer in the spring of 2010.

In high school, Lex Menz was a writer for two years for The Flaming Arrow. She became Editor-in-Chief in her senior year.

“It was the highlight of my high school days. It was definitely the birth for my love of journalism and getting the scoop,” she said.

Lex graduated cum laude from East Gaston High School in North Carolina.

As a staff writer, Lex received the Best Editorial Award from the Western Carolina University Student Media Board for her “Freshman Fifteen” and “Rumor Has It” columns in 2010. Now, she writes front page news, continues the “Rumor Has It” column, and has begun a new column titled “Off Campus Living 101.”

Lex is a Communications – Journalism major with a minor in Creative Writing. Currently a sophomore, she is a member of the Western Carolina University Honors College. She has recently finished her first novel and is in the editing process. Upon graduating, Lex plans to write for a major newspaper or magazine and publish fiction novels for young adults.

Readers can follow her personal blog at