Nizer’s 3D show proves fun for both students and families

Families and children from all over the community ventured out to see the laser beams, juggling, 3D effects, and a grand finale featuring toilet paper at the Mark Nizer 3D Show in the Fine and Performing Arts Center on Friday, Jan. 28.

With over an hour and a half of live, surprising entertainment, the audience – which included a number of young children – was cackling with laughter throughout the show.

As the audience members were seated, they were each given a pair of cardboard 3D glasses that made the show literally “pop” with excitement. Some members of the crowd were even called upon to participate on stage, including the Western Carolinian’s own Justin Caudell – who caught a ball that Nizer threw to the right of him. Caudell was asked to accompany Nizer onstage to assist him onto an 8 ft. high unicycle.

“I was nervous when I realized that catching the ball meant that I was going to be part of the show,” said Caudell. “I’ve seen shows in the past where audience members had to do crazy things.”

Caudell”s assumption was accurate. He was disgruntled by Nizer’s need to put forceful pressure on his head to raise up to the unicycle, thus making Caudell’s neatly spiked hair to turn into a fluffy mess.

But Caudell and the rest of the WCU students were outnumbered by the families and children who were in attendance, which made it a fun family- friendly night out.

Local mother of two, Gina Volio, brought her two energetic sons to the show.

“We were very pleased with it, it was everything we thought it would be” said Volio, “After watching him on YouTube, I knew he would be good.”

One of Volio’s sons, Austin Speruill, said that his favorite part was the end when the toilet paper rolls were spun into the air.

WCU Freshman Sara Martin thought the show was childlike, but still enjoyable.

“I loved it!” Martin said when asked about the show. “I loved the lasers really, but there was so many different things that it was exciting. It was more of a kids show but I really enjoyed it.”

Nizer, who has opened up for such people as Jerry Sienfeld, Barry Manilow, and Ray Charles, makes the impossible seem possible in his shows. Nizer has taken his one-man show to a variety of venues around the world including Walt Disney World, The Kennedy Center, and numerous college campuses, thus capturing the interest of both adults and children everywhere

Nizers show was part of FPAC Galaxy of Stars series. The next Galaxy of Stars presentation is singer John Davidson on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 7:30 p.m.

(This article first appeared on ‘The Western Carolina Journalist”.)