Western Carolinian now offering subscriptions

The Western Carolinian has started to do what some of their counterparts are considering not doing anymore: offer subscriptions.

Though many newspapers across the country are seeing a decline in circulation, Justin Caudell, the Western Carolinian’s editor-in-chief, believes there is a market for his newspaper.

“We have had a lot of parents routinely ask us if we offer subscriptions, and we finally got to thinking, why not?” said Caudell. “We don’t put online everything we have in our print edition and we also typically have special features in the newspaper that cannot be fully replicated on our website.”

One case in point Caudell mentioned was a special three-page spread the Western Carolinian did on the Pride of the Mountains in their January 28, 2011 edition.

“To honor the Pride of the Mountains trip to the Tournament of Roses Parade and also to address other exciting news the band had at the time, we built our Arts and Entertainment section around them in our Jan. 28 edition,” said Caudell. “The design we put into a special like that is something members of the band and also their friends and family are going to want to have to keep and possibly frame.

“Something like that on our website could never be tangible or keep worthy,” he added.

The cost of a subscription to the Western Carolinian will be $30 yearly for North Carolina residents and $45 for those who live out-of-state.

Subscribers will not have to wait long for their paper to arrive to their doorstep according to Caudell.

“Unlike many newspapers who use third class or media mail, we will be mailing our papers first class to readers,” Caudell said. “We don’t want our subscribers who live in New York City or Seattle to have to wait upwards of seven days to get their paper. Most subscribers who live on the East Coast will receive the Western Carolinian in 1-2 days and the Mid-East and West Coast in 3-5 days.

“That means if you live in Florida, you should receive our paper by Monday and the news will still be fresh since we distribute in Cullowhee on Friday,” he added.

Those who wish to purchase a subscription can send a check or money order to P.O. Box 66, Cullowhee, N.C. 28723, or call 828-227-2694. An online subscription purchasing option will be available on our website soon, but in the meantime, those who wish to pay for a subscription electronically can send their payment via PayPal to subscriptions@westerncarolinian.com.

For questions, contact Caudell via e-mail at jcaudell@westerncarolinian.com.