Greek Week featured Whee Rock at Ramsey Center

At the peak of Greek Week excitement, teams of organizations joined together for a dance competition on Thursday, March 24, in the Ramsey Center.

The show was full of excitement and the dances were both entertaining and hilarious. The teams were given one-word themes (such as “Baby” and “Magic”) to build their routines on and each team gave a different interpretation.

As part of Greek Week, Greek Life was divided into five teams, which were named after famous Greek Cities this year. All of the participating organizations were assigned a team name from one of the following five cities: Athens, Argos, Corinth, Delphi, and Thebes.

The dances consisted of everything from stepping, to ballet, to tapping and incorporated the use of many creative props and costumes. The show was run well with an effective mix of comedy and dancing, and the faculty and staff judges were well humored.

At the end of the night, team Delphi walked away with first place and was also awarded with “Best Choreography” and “Most Creative.” Team Thebes was given second place and was awarded “Crowd Favorite” and “Best Costume.”

Team Argos was given third place, followed by Corinth in fourth, and Athens in fifth. The crowd was rowdy with delight – especially team Delphi who ran up on stage to claim the big trophy.

Along with the entertainment, the event earned money for causes close to home. Last fall, Western football player Ja’Quayvin Smalls passed away due to Sickle Cell Anemia. For this reason, all proceeds from the dance competition and the silent auction went to American Sickle Cell Anemia Association, the Community Table in Sylva, and REACH of Jackson County.

Greek Life, WCU’s Student Government Association, and Last Minute Productions sponsored the event.