Does your shirt have a meaning?

Have you ever been hustling to class when you look up, only to make eye contact with that person you have never seen before in your life?


Within seconds, they look away, but something catches your eye. A pig. You’re hooked. What does his shirt say?

You can’t help but chuckle, “Canadian bacon: Just ham having an identity crisis.”

T-shirts are an easy mode of expression. Not only are they temporary, but you can also wear a different expression on your shirt every day. Some shirts are as simple as a solid word with the word “PETA” and a phrase below that reads ” people eating tasty animals.” Other shirts are elaborate with designs that cover the front and back.

With t-shirts being so easy to come by, and more people wanting to express themselves, the industry is increasingly growing. According to Clive Thompson’s article on, “T-shirts,” the t-shirt industry brings in over $40 billion a year in revenue.

But there can sometimes be a problem with t-shirts about how far is too far. Shirts like “Could you come back after too many beers?” or “Say hi to your mom for me,” can be offensive.

T-shirts are very popular at Western Carolina University.

Senior Kale Jefford’s shirt with a Warner Brother’s symbol placed in the center of a black shirt. The logo says, “If you see da police, Warna Brotha.”


Sophomore Katie Viniconis’s shirt with a tricycle reads, “That’s how I roll.”


As more and more t-shirts went by, they just kept getting funnier and more bazaar. One said, “Proud of my ancestry,” with a picture of a chimp on it.

Other t-shirts around the sidewalks create a blur: “Under new management, Just Married,” “The man behind the belly,” “Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder,” and I am not forty, I am 21 with 19 years of experience.”

The funniest shirt? “Don’t hassle me, I’m local.”

What does your shirt says about you?