‘World’s Largest’ will be shown at WCU on Nov. 1

A documentary on everything large will be shown at the A.K. Hinds University Center Theatre at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 1

“World’s Largest”, the third film to be shown in the 2011-12 Southern Circuit Film series, is a documentary that centers on the changing landscape of small-town America. According to the Lori Davis, the film series coordinator, the film visits 58 sites around the United States that contain the “world’s largest” something, from 15-foot fiberglass strawberries to 40-foot concrete pheasants.”

When asked what prompted her to create “World’s Largest”, co-director Amy Elliott said that during her time spent working as a photographer during the day she had always been “a sucker for the largest of anything.” Elliott decided to meet with friend and co-creator Elizabeth Donius to talk about a project. The two brainstormed, talked, and came up with the idea of the film together.

Over the course of “World’s Largest,” special focus is placed on the struggle of Soap Lake, Wash. to build the world’s largest lava lamp.

“The film took six years to complete,” said Elliott. “But one of the main reasons it took so long was because we followed Soap Lake all throughout its struggle for money and the eventual building of its project, which took four years to unfold.”

The co-creator of the film said that she learned a number of things from the creation of the film, much more than she initially expected.

“I really expected it to just be something fun to do with a friend,” Elliott said. “But overtime from going to town to town, this theme of economic problems involving these areas and their inhabitants kept coming up again and again. It really opened my eyes to how many of these towns are really struggling for money.”

Davis encourages students from WCU to attend “World’s Largest”, as well as the other films in the Southern Circuit Film series.

“It’s a great way to see films that they might not get a chance to see otherwise,” Davis said. “How many opportunities do students get to learn from the filmmaker? Coming to the series is a great way to learn from the filmmakers, especially for students who are interested in film, documentary, or photography.”

There are six films in the Southern Circuit Film series.

“They’re all pre-selected through a rigorous panel—meaning the films that are selected are the best of the best,” Davis said.

When asked if these films in the series were related in any way, Davis said that there were not any underlying themes that specifically tie the films in the series together, other than their quality.