Dairy Queen coming to Sylva, gas stations being remodeled

Two Sylva gas stations will undergo remodeling in the coming weeks. Enmark and Shell customers can both look forward to major restorations in the coming months.

Enmark closed its station in early February in order to begin extensive renovations on the convenience store and exterior. The newly remodeled convenience store will offer customers an expanded selection of expediency goods. The store plans to introduce new product lines in sandwiches, snack foods and coffees and will offer greater fountain drink and beer varieties. The building will also sport new siding and a fresh coat of paint.

A representative from Enmark Stations remarked, “The store was quite old and in need of remodeling. This is the best way we figured we could expand our services while refreshing the look of the store.”

Fred Jenkins, a construction worker hired for the project, said the building “…will look entirely different, with the interior completely redone.”

Jenkins could give no specifics. Enmark expects the remodeling to be completed by the second week of March.

The Shell station, operated by Mountain Energy Corporation, based in Asheville, will have their building demolished and entirely rebuilt with newly added space for a Dairy Queen to set up shop. The development is still in the preliminary stages, so a time frame for when the work will begin or when it will be completed is unavailable.

Manager Sandra Gerrard spoke of the plans to place the Dairy Queen inside the new gas station, which will be a completely new facility. She continued that demolition will begin soon.

“This is all for the customer,” Gerrard said.

She is concerned that there might be loss of business but hopes that the gas station has a loyal enough customer base to strongly reopen after the rebuilding.

Jackson County Planning Department Director Gerald Green confirmed that operators of the Shell station had obtained their zoning permit for the project, but they had not applied for a building permit as of yet. This means that the actual work will not begin for some time.

Students at Western Carolina University were excited by the news of a future Dairy Queen in Sylva.

“Awesome! We need more places to eat,” Zachary Wallace said.

Matt Rains also shared his enthusiasm.

“It’s exciting,” he said. “It will be nice to have another ice cream place near WCU.”

Will Lehman, assistant professor of German, offered a faculty take on the matter.

“I may stop there now on my way home,” he said. “I don’t usually get gas at the Shell station, though, because other gas stations are usually cheaper.”