Mountain Summertime Arts and Crafts Show sure to please

The Mountain Summertime Arts and Crafts Show will return to Western Carolina University to celebrate its 24th year.

Students, professors, local artists of every stripe and community members alike will be congregating in the Ramsey Center from June 29-30, where they will have the chance to interact with both local and not-so-local mountain artists. Close to 100 mountain artisans will meet for the event. Of those 100, approximately 35 will be showing their work for the first time.

Local artist Doris Hunter has been responsible for the show since its inception. 

“I have never done the summer event and look forward to seeing what the turnout is like. Doris Hunter, the promoter of these shows, is a very special lady and has encouraged me to attend her show this summer,” said  Mark Wingertsahn, award winning pottery artist and owner of Mornings’ Work Pottery Company.

“My interest is to create the environment for the exhibitor to meet with their customer.  A lot of shows are outside, and they’re subject to the weather,” Hunter said.

After experiencing the trials and tribulations of hosting an outdoor show in Macon County, Hunter moved the show to the Ramsey Center in 2008.

“I’m blessed to have the Ramsey Center. I have to give kudos to them. They put everything up; they really make it happen. They’re great people to work with,” said Hunter.

The Ramsey Center will host a variety of artisans. The arts on display include homemade chocolate jelly, recycled tin yard flowers and homemade furniture. More traditional arts, such as handmade dulcimers, paintings and pottery, will also be on display. Dr. Harold Sims of Catman2, Inc. will also attend the show, accepting donations to support the shelter.

Jackson County artist Doreyl Ammons Cain will also be exhibiting her work, further tying in the local aspect of the craft show. Other artists, such as Wingertsahn, are traveling from as far as Georgia for the event. No matter where the artists come from, they have one trait they all share: The mountains and their culture are an integral part of the artists’ work.

“I love your part of the country!” said Wingertsahn.

Local guitarist Ronnie Evans will play background music throughout the event.  Evans, like Hunter, hails from Macon County.

The show is meant to be a way for customers and artists alike to meet and interact with one another. Some artists will even take custom orders, noted Hunter.

“I try to focus on higher end shows, and I’m sure that Doris will do her best to make this a quality event,” said Winterstahn.

No matter the medium, Mountain Summertime Arts and Crafts Show is sure to please a variety of crowds.

The cost to attend is $4 per adult, while children under 12 years of age will have free admission.  The show will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lunch will be provided by Aramark along with refreshments.

For more information, visit Hunter can be reached at 828-524-3405 or