Editorial: We asked and you answered

We asked, and you answered! Now, it’s our turn to let you know our plans.

To all of those who participated in our survey about how The Western Carolinian could be improve (see B front), we greatly appreciated your honesty and detailed explanations.

Some asked for more articles on lifestyle choices. In the future, we will cover topics like alcohol abuse, studying skills, safe sex and gender identity. These types of articles will be required more interviews, polls and data gathering from the students, which is a great skill to learn for our staff writers and keeps us updated about what you want from your newspaper. We are college students, too, and it is important to explore how college students live in addition to the hard news and the feature pieces that we already cover.

In the next issue, we will include a box that reports on police reports, and “What Whee Do” is geared to keep you informed of smaller events that we cannot cover between newspapers. We believe the more you know, the better your college experience will be. Also, over the summer, we began focusing on various clubs and looking at how to get involved, their bylaws and activities. However, many of the club and registered student organizations (RSOs) fell through because the contacts for the organizations were unavailable while on their summer vacations. We will bring that idea back into play now that the student body has returned to Western Carolina University’s campus.

Finally, we depend on you to keep us informed. Most of our staff began their major-oriented classes this year and only come in contact with students in those courses. Message us on Facebook, shoot us an email or drop by the office during our office hours on Monday and Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. We look forward to hearing from you! All of our contact information and latest articles can be found at westerncarolinian.com.