On the Air: Day Daily with Melissa Day

Listening to classic rock may not be everyone’s forte, but Power 90.5 not only plays music but also has the Day Daily hosted by Melissa Day. She discusses events that are happening around campus, along with the songs that play on the radio channel.

Her pastor from the church City on a Hill decided the name of the show. He asked her if she had a name chosen, and she said she was thinking of one but did not know for sure. He gave her the idea because it is especially unique considering her last name is Day.

Power 90.5 is the one radio channel that works on campus, so if people want to know what events are going on, they should tune in.

“Everyone in this area should know what’s going on. . . Everyone should be supportive with each other and their events,” said Day.

Her favorite part of the show is talking.

“I’ve always been a big talker anyways,” said Day. “It’s like I’m carrying on a conversation with someone.”

She gets the chance to explore other music she never heard of, but also she gets to show her love for music to other people.

She said, “I love the fact that I can express myself on air.”

Being able to tell people how she thinks and feels about a certain song is fulfilling. Informing everyone about the events on campus is also reassuring.

“I’ve always enjoyed pretending I was a broadcaster and when I was trying to decide what to major in, I realized I could get a degree in broadcasting,” Day stated.

This has become more than just a side job for her. It is fun for and even on her days off, she focuses on what to say during the show and finding out about events are happening on campus. She not only does that, but she studies for her classes in order to graduate in May during spring, and spends much of her time participating and helping at the campus ministry she attends.

The show typically does not have callers or guest speakers, but Day recently wondered about bringing some in. She hopes to start bringing in people to help her out

“Every day I do my show, it’s different,” said Day. “That’s another thing I love about the radio.”

A rewarding thing about her job is the fact that people come up to her and say things such as “Hey, I listened to you on the radio.”

She replied, “It’s pretty cool to know I have listeners.”

In addition, Day stated, “It’s cool to be able to say I worked at a radio station and I’m on the air, because so many people can say they’ve done that in their lifetime.”

Majoring in communications with a concentration in broadcasting, she is heading straight towards her dreams.

“I did it for classes before, but I fell in love with the job and I still do it for fun,” Day said.

Enjoying her job may lead to her success in becoming a host on 104.7 K-Love or 106.The Light in the future.

When given the chance, check out Power 90.5. From 9 to 11 a.m., Day Daily is on every weekday. Every day is different, no day is the same.