Mad Batter makes the move to Sylva

Since the fire that swept through Cullowhee on Nov. 21, burning down several of the area restaurants, students and staff alike have been wondering if the restaurants affected would be able to reopen.  
    It seems that this wait is over for the Mad Batter, which is in the process of moving into a new building in downtown Sylva.  
    A date has not yet been set, but those at the Mad Batter are hoping to reopen as soon as mid-April.
    After the fire tragically demolished the Mad Batter Jeannette Evans, the owner of the restaurant, commented on how difficult an experience it was.
    “After the fire I didn’t know if I had it in me to build a business again.  I put so much into the Mad Batter over the past 15 years.  There was so much to deal with.  I had to file an insurance claim and look into the possibilities of relocating.  If a task required multiple steps I’d do a small portion of it and then move on to something else, forcing myself to just keep busy.  I’d ask myself what can you do now, then I would do that small thing.  Afterwards, I’d re-ask the same question and move on to something else. I could only face and do things one step at a time,” said Evans.
    However, she also said that she was surprised and touched by the support that she and her employees received from the community and the businesses within it.
    “The outpouring of support we received was overwhelming.  We are truly grateful to be a part of such a generous community,” said Evans.
The endeavor to reopen the Mad Batter began with Dana Smith, one of the owners of Jack the Dipper as well as a local broker.  
    Smith, along with Jack the Dipper had been contributing to the owners of the Mad Batter and its employees when he got in contact with Evans about finding a new location for the restaurant.  
    Evans, who had been searching for a new location since the week after the fire occurred was excited for this opportunity.
    A deal has now been reached and if you drive by their new location right now, you will see a new sign that says “Mad Batter Dining Theater.”  This is a change from the “Mad Batter Bakery and Café” that was located in Cullowhee.  
    “Our concept is 55 percent restaurant and 45 percent movies and other forms entertainment.  Food is our passion and we can’t help but focus on its preparation and service.
    “We are going to start off with Mad Batter favorites and classics then build and expand the menu as the business grows,” said Evans explaining this switch and the effects it will have on the restaurant.
    But the Mad Batter has not forgotten Cullowhee or Western Carolina University.  Even though their old building has now been demolished, Evans says that the university has agreed to let them park a food truck where their restaurant used to stand, but they are in need of a vehicle in order to do this.  
    Evans asks that if anybody knows of anyone who is selling a 12-foot step van to please let her know.
    “Although we are sad to leave Cullowhee, we also are truly excited to be a part of Downtown Sylva.  The new building is so much larger, we are excited about its potential,” said Evans.
    Evans comments about the opportunity that this move presents.  Though this will be a big change for the community and WCU, both the university and the Mad Batter are hopeful that this move will be beneficial to the community and more importantly that they may continue to provide people with delicious baked goods.
    For more information about the Mad Batter check them out on Facebook.