WCU dining to provide meal for the holiday

When Thanksgiving break arrives, most students are planning flights or driving home to visit family for the holiday. They will find turkey on the table, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and much more. Everyone will give thanks and then dive on into their loaded plates which will then lead to a wonderful food coma- aka a long nap.

HOMEBASE is located on campus near the Old Cullowhee Road exit.

However, what about those students that are unable to go home or have nowhere to go? For them, Thanksgiving looks like spending the day in their dorm room or apartment and eating ramen noodles.

If students are remaining on campus for the break, WCU Dining Services will be organizing a Thanksgiving-themed menu on Thanksgiving day from 10 am to 6 pm at The Lodge at Brown Hall. The menu has not been completed yet, but once it is, Campus Dining Services will announce it for all WCU students. 

Jeffrey Marshall, the Resident District Manager, expressed that, “Thanksgiving is always a time for families to gather together and say thanks but not everyone can always make it so we want to serve up the best Thanksgiving meal possible to help keep the spirit alive.” 

For all those who are craving a delicious Thanksgiving meal, head to Brown Hall to fuel up for the Thanksgiving naps. 

James Dean, the Director of Homebase, explained that Homebase usually hosts a Thanksgiving meal, but that did not pan out this year. Instead, they “will be able to house any student who might need emergency housing over the break. Students can also receive food, toiletries, clothing, and wash laundry.” 

Dean guaranteed that even though hours would be limited, students could contact him if they had any needs or questions. His information is provided below.

Dean further stated that “it is so very important to remember our at-risk students over the break. While many of us are celebrating and feasting with family and friends, there is a population of students who are, for one reason or another, cut off from the joys of the holidays. When you do not have family support, the holidays can be empty and cold. I am glad that WCU and Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina have joined together to provide a resource like Homebase to help at-risk students stay safe, warm, fed and connected.” 

There is always a place at Homebase for those who need it and Dean is more than happy to provide that safe space.

Contact James Dean at jdean@bchfamily.org