The Cats Table seeks to bring new flavors to Cullowhee

New restaurants mean new flavors and food choices for Cullowhee. The Cats Table has opened on Little Savannah Road across from the post office, giving the Cullowhee community a new option without driving to Sylva or eating on campus. It is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Sunday. 

The Cats Table, opened by Christopher McNeely, Francisco Guzman, and Felix Santiago, is a family-friendly restaurant that has a little bit of everything. Bringing Hispanic heritage and years in the American food industry, it specializes in Mexican and American cuisine and has its own take on Italian as well. The Cats Table wants to “show the real Mexican taste and the real American flavor,” the owners know and love, said McNeely. There are plans to expand the menu, adding more traditional Mexican food, seafood, and a kids’ menu.  

The menu currently features items such as burgers, ribeye, salmon, tacos, a black bean patty, wings, and xangos, a fried cheesecake dessert. 

The owners have worked as chefs for years and had always thought about opening their own business with their experience, resulting in The Cats Table. It aims to be a place where families can come and peacefully enjoy food. 

Following roughly a year of setting up, the restaurant opened in late June 2022. It has a contract for five years. After that period, the owners will measure successes and go from there.  

To get in touch, The Cats Table is on Instagram @thecatstablewcu and has a website