Aura Photography comes to WCU

WCU students experienced picture day once again as they lined up to have their aura photographed. 

Aura photography is a portrait, usually a polaroid, that shows colors around the person, or subject, representing their aura in that moment. According to spiritualism, an aura is an energy field that surrounds every living being.  

The company that came to WCU to capture student’s aura photos was Aura Weaver. Aura Weaver is an entertainment company based in Georgia. The company travels around the country for aura photography events.  

According to Aura Weaver’s website, the camera used is the AuraCam 6000, which was invented in the 1970’s. The camera uses metal plates that the subject places their hands on as the photo is taken. A polaroid then comes out of the camera showing the person’s aura around them.

Andrew Trichon displays his aura.

In the UC Illusions, a covered booth was set up in the corner where the pictures were taken. Two aura readers had tables where they told WCU students what their aura photos mean. One of the aura readers, also did tarot card readings.  

An aura contains certain colors depending on the individual. Different colors have different meanings. The placement of the colors around the person’s body also have different meanings. 

Andrew Trichon, a student interested in astrology, read his horoscope, and said it was very accurate. He guessed that he would get red and purple in his aura. He came to the aura photography event to have his aura read by a professional.  

“I believe in aura and zodiac. You have to dig deep and bring out those abilities and some try to mask their personality,” said Trichon. 

Trichon was very satisfied with his aura reading. The aura reading confirmed that he is very in tune with his body. His aura photo featured a huge red arch over him meaning he is ambitious. The psychic said that a purple spot in his throat means something is missing from his life.  

Gabe Martin came to the aura event because he was curious. He is also interested in astrology. He was skeptical about many people getting their auras photographed in one setting. Martin also thought it would be fun and brought his friend, MaKenzie Villarreo who wanted to try something new.  

Karstin Alfaro was open to the idea of having her aura photographed and was curious what colors she would get. Alfaro first heard of auras from a TikTok trend featuring a filter that showed your aura.  

Alfaro’s aura was mostly orange meaning she is ambitious, spontaneous, creative, confident, adventurous, and social. The psychic said that one of the colors represented something from her culture. 

“How does she know what I am?” said Alfaro.  

Overall, students came to the aura photography event for relaxation. Some believe in auras, but more believe in astrology or want to know more about it.  


Color meanings: 

Red: passionate, self-aware, strong, willful, vital, and courageous 

Orange: Ambitious, spontaneous, creative, confident, adventurous, and social 

Yellow: Optimistic, joyful, confident, enthusiastic, generous, and whimsical 

Green: Loving, compassionate, peace-oriented, nurturing, and connected to nature and people 

Blue: Expressive, empathic, supportive, intuitive, loyal, trusting, and sensitive 

Purple: Intuitive, playful, visionary, nonjudgmental, unconventional, and inspired 

Pink: Loving, caring, self-aware, generous, and cheerful 

White; Inspiring, wise, energized, positive, and protective