SGA announces their 2024-25 Student Body President and Vice President

The Student Government Association (SGA) will inaugurate the 2024-25 president-elect and vice president-elect at 6 p.m., April 15 in the UC grand room. The student body president-elect is Aaron Hoyle-Rivera and the vice president-elect is Jarrod Seifert.

Photo from Aaron Hoyle-Rivera.

Aaron Hoyle-Rivera is a second-year student studying criminal justice and psychology. In addition to SGA, Hoyle-Rivera is involved on campus as a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity brother, the interfraternity council vice president of communications and a counselor for Camp Kesem.  

Hoyle-Rivera also served as the SGA secretary at Cleveland Community College, where he earned his associate degree. “The passion for SGA and advocating for students is still something that is within me,” he said.  

As president-elect, Hoyle-Rivera hopes to promote advocacy, engagement and connection within SGA and the campus. He plans to accomplish this goal by promoting SGA on social media, building a diverse executive board and ensuring all branches of SGA remain focused on advocating for students. 

“I also want to make sure that students know what SGA does,” Hoyle-Rivera said. He hopes to promote SGA and its lesser-known goals to students. 

Hoyle-Rivera also plans to work with RSOs to expand their presence and engagement on campus. He hopes to represent the underrepresented RSOs and give them the resources and materials necessary to be successful. This will include supplemental funding to help RSOs thrive. 

“I’m very excited to see what happens within the Hoyle-Rivera-Seifert administration and I’m very excited to collaborate with different student organizations and the student population,” Hoyle-Rivera said. 

The vice president-elect is Jarrod Seifert. Seifert is a fourth-year student double majoring in business management and marketing with a minor in leadership. In addition to SGA, Seifert is also a part of EnTOURage as a tour guide, Cat Camp as a counselor and the Freshman Leadership Initiative as a mentor.

Photo from SGA’s Instagram.

As vice president-elect, Seifert’s biggest goal is to “get different opinions and voices all throughout campus.” To achieve this, Seifert would like to see diversity in the students involved in the Senate.  

“It’d be really nice to have as many different majors as possible in it versus how it’s typically been in the past with a lot of political science students,” Seifert said. 

He also hopes to increase engagement with the UP Program. Currently, the SGA and UP Program co-host a yearly party to celebrate students involved in the UP Program.  

Seifert plans to expand this party to become open for all students to attend. He also wants to add a fundraising element to the celebration. 

Seifert plans to build better connections between student-athletes and students. As a former athlete in high school, Seifert sympathizes with WCU’s athletes and hopes to bridge the gap and ease tensions between the athletic and non-athletic students. 

The 2024-2025 SGA Senators will be Abbie Stake, Destiny Perez, Sommer Allen, Knox Hambleton, Andrew McCoy, Serim Park, Max Baker, Justin Bester, Edward Fuentes, Adam Harp and Seth Blumenfeld. Senators are to be sworn into office on April 15.