Higgins Clark duo Decks the Bad Guys

When Mary Higgins Clark, grande dame of suspense fiction and best-selling author, joins forces with her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, who has already proven her own literary strength with four best-sellers of her own, sparks are sure to fly. In their first collaborative novel, Deck the Halls, Carol’s creation, Reagan Reilly, meets Mary’s character, Alvirah Meehan, with whom she must work to solve the mystery of her father’s kidnapping and to get him back alive.

Those who are familiar with Mary Higgins Clark’s style know that her writing is smooth and stylish, rarely descending into the mire of vulgarity and gratuitous sensationalism that has trapped so many would-be suspense authors, and Deck the Halls is no exception. With unfailing elegance, the layers of the story unfold, the clues are laid before us, and the chase begins.