Day: January 24, 2001


Hail to the Thief?

Was the election won or stolen? This question will forever mark the presidential election of 2000. Regardless of whether this question ever gets answered, one thing is certain; Americans will have to move on, and we will have to work together to survive this era of that might see detrimental […]


Complaining? What for?…

I just read the editorials printed in the last edition and, as a result, I am here to write a “People’s voice” article, as my frustration and anger raised these past three weeks. Oh, by the way I apologize for the possible grammatical mistakes I might have done writing these […]


Lady Cats snap losing streak

Western Carolina defeated the Lady Cougars of the College of Charleston 75-65 Saturday night in Charleston. The win ended the squad’s five-game losing streak and gave the Lady Cats (8-9, 2-6) their second Southern Conference victory. Western led for most of the first half and took a 27-22 lead at […]


Servo’s Wrestling Report

Last week, I stated that the ladder match between Benoit and Jericho for the Intercontinental Title would be a candidate for “match of the year.” I didn’t realize how right I was. I’ll get to that match later. The Royal Rumble was a very entertaining pay-per-view. The Dudley Boyz finally […]