Hail to the Thief?

Was the election won or stolen? This question will forever mark the presidential election of 2000. Regardless of whether this question ever gets answered, one thing is certain; Americans will have to move on, and we will have to work together to survive this era of that might see detrimental changes in social programs in this country.

I’m not sure that George W. is the best man for the job, but I’m not sure Gore was either. What I am sure of is that Bush won, Gore lost, and whoever won would still lose.

We live in troubled times and political uncertainty doesn’t help our disposition. We have children killing other children, in schools and on the streets. We have a difficult time dealing with the dwindling number of the middle class Americans and the greater division between the rich and poor. Our economy is good, now, but what will happen if it gets worse?

I mean in a speech, Bush did not think that Social Security was a federal program!

What this country needs is a strong leader to lead us to a better place. What we got was a man that will probably be led to that place.

My purpose is not to belittle George W., or as we now know him, the President of the United States. The point I am making is that the people will have to take initiative and become more involved to help this country move past the division that was caused by this election.

This country is very divided politically. This election didn’t help that situation in any way. What this election accomplished I’m not sure, but I’m not very optimistic about the outcomes.

My fear is that we have only provided proof that our system is damaged and vulnerable. And that it is faulty on many levels. However, my biggest fear is that this election has proven to people that their votes don’t count.

What a sad reality to have to deal with. We teach our students that being active in our system is important and needed, but all they can see is a questionable system.

Equally as sad is the fact that there appeared to be more protesters than supporters lining the streets of Washington D.C. Saturday at the inauguration. That is the first time I have ever heard of, read of, or seen such a spectacle.

My question still remains where do we go from here and how do we get there. I think that the only way to deal with the problems we are currently facing is to stand up and be counted, not just heard.

Its one thing to protest things that you don’t believe in, it’s another to help to find solutions to those problems. Although, George W. Bush is not and never will be my ideal President, the fact remains he is our President.

I don’t believe in many of the President’s policies, but I would hope that our representatives would be able to look beyond the political division caused by this election to pass meaningful legislation.

This is where the American people are needed the most. We the people can have a profound effect on how our representatives work. If they refuse or are not effective at creating and passing legislation that is helpful, effective, and healthy, we should help them find a new job in two years. I believe that it is time for the American people to stand up and be counted, not just heard.

There are many, many problems in this country. George Bush or any of his policies cannot solve these problems. When the rubber meets the road the American people are going to be the difference. We will be the ones that will lead the government to a better place.

I know some might consider my belief to be too optimistic or just plain dumb. I can understand that, but what I am suggesting is that our problem has become too big for government to deal with mainly because they are a part of the problem.

This country is based in the system of checks and balances. Ultimately the citizens must check the government. There are many good people serving this nation in many capacities, but it is faulty to assume that will always do the best thing for the country. That’s why we have elections. That’s how we check our government; if they are not effective find a new representative. It may not be easy, but it can and will happen.

I leave you where I began. I don’t know if Bush won the election or stole the election. I do know that Bush cannot lead us to a better place, that’s our job. We must lead ourselves because the government is not able to do so.