Aries: Love may be working its charms on you this week, no matter how much you try to fight it. Always independent and frustrated with commitments, Arians will often ignore a good thing when it comes along. Be wary you aren’t making that mistake now.

Taurus: With a determined spirit, you are about to take on a challenge that may turn into a very emotionally draining experience. Bullheaded as always, you are ignoring the possibility that it may not be worth it. Take some extra time out and think it over.

Gemini: Your mind seems to be in a different place right now, and you’ve had some trouble focusing on everything. This is very frustrating for someone whose greatest asset is their mind. Don’t worry; you’re not turning into a space cadet. It’ll pass.

Cancer: A potential bad influence is about to rear his or her ugly head. Stay away! They may appear to be perfect, but there’s a lot you don’t know and a lot you could lose from getting involved with this person. Tread carefully.

Leo: In spite of hard times financially and spiritually you are pulling through with the determination that is characteristic of most Leos. While you are not out of the rut yet, you soon will be, with the help of someone very dear to your heart. Don’t forget to thank them later.

Virgo: With uncharacteristic boldness, you may be confronting an obstacle, be it animal, mineral or vegetable. Your new assertiveness will yield positive results both in this confrontation and in your self-esteem department, which has been slack. Congratulations!

Libra: You pride yourself on your honesty, and look for in others. Unfortunately it seems hard to come by as of late. Becoming a recluse is not an answer so don’t shut everyone out just yet. Your ruling planet, Venus, won’t let you down.

Scorpio: The scorpion is a secretive and deadly creature with the power to kill its enemies with a single sting. Be careful that you are not turning into the symbol of your sign. Your mouth may yet be your undoing.

Sagittarius: Your hunger for knowledge is always insatiable and learning is something that gives you great joy. Naturally, this makes you very agreeable to most teachers. Your energy and enthusiasm will take you far, and working hard this week will yield positive results.

Capricorn: As the cardinal earth sign of the zodiac, you are very grounded and reasonable. However, your reasoning may be skewed this week due to complications in matters of the heart. Try to remain clear headed until Valentine’s Day passes.

Aquarius: As an Aquarian, you are generally more comfortable at home than out for a night on the town. This may be why you’ve been feeling down. Make a run to Asheville this weekend and see what’s going on. It’ll cheer you up to get out.

Pisces: Your hardworking nature will earn you many successes, but your inability to maintain a set schedule may slow you down on your climb to the top. Perhaps the purchase of a day-planner is in your future.