What’s Up at In Your Ear Music Emporium

As you open the glass door and step inside, you enter a world of sight and sound. A world of colors and light. A world where all sorts of music is at your fingertips. You have entered In Your Ear Music Emporium. However, if you have ventured into the store this semester, you noticed some changes.

Located on Main Street in downtown Sylva, In Your Ear has become a fixture–satisfying the musical cravings of Western Carolina students and locals alike for seven years. The knowledgeable and friendly sales staff and fantastic CD selection are still the same, but the overall appearance is completely new. Butterflies and dragonflies hang from the ceiling. The freshly painted blue walls and soft carpeted floor gives the whole room a renewed feeling of vivacity. CD racks are rearranged to give the room a more circular feeling. A refreshed, re-energized attitude is obvious from the moment you walk in and hear the music of the day filling the room.

The changes are not all complete however. Owner Lauren Calvert excitedly mentions that later this year, In Your Ear will take the emporium idea a step further and feature clothing and shoes in the upper room of the store. In the meantime, they continue to offer jewelry and decorations for your body and your room.

This is an excellent opportunity to check out what’s been going on at the neighborhood music store and support a local business. The store lends itself to relaxing; you can sample tracks while sitting in the window and watching Sylva traffic go by. The sales people are fun, and the cats wandering around throughout the store are a nice touch too.