Some people call them shrinks, some prefer head doctors, and on occasion some are actually referred to as therapists or doctors. However, most of the students in the Psychology department will not be called any of these names.

Some will be called “coach,” others “teacher;” some will be business people, and still some will find a career in social services.

Part of the reason that students in the psychology department have a wide variety of career fields to go into is because they are very diverse and well skilled. They are students with backgrounds in areas such as critical thinking and communication skills.

The department prepares students in many different ways. One of the most unique opportunities is the chance for students to join faculty members on research projects through independent study.

Dr. Mickey Randolph, head of the Psychology department, said, “There is an increased emphasis on students taking independent studies with faculty.”

According to Randolph, students that work with faculty on research do so on many different levels. Student involvement ranges from literature reviews to presentation of the research at state and regional conferences.

On some occasions students have shared authorship of published articles.

The research with faculty also allows students to gain experience that they can market to both employers and graduate schools.

In addition to independent studies, students are also encouraged to gain practical experience via an internship.

Dr. John Habel, professor of psychology, said, “Internships are not required, but they are encouraged.”

The psychology department offers students many different areas of study. Fields include abnormal behavior, human personality and industrial organization. The department also offers minors in life span development and gerontology. The department is also a part of the women studies minor, and they offer a disciplinary focus for the education students.

However, students who hope to become licensed psychologists need to have a professional degree.

Conveniently enough, for those who wish to become licensed psychologists, the Psychology department offers a Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology and school psychology.

Above and beyond the realm of the classroom, the psychology department has another interesting facet. Thanks to the work of Dr. William Chovan, Professor Emeritus, the department has an archival display on the history of psychology.

The display highlights instruments used in testing and research and also contains books from different times throughout psychology’s history. It’s well worth a stroll through the third floor of the Killian building to see this exhibit.

If you are a student who is interested in working with people or even discovering why people behave the way they do, then you might want to check out the psychology department.

Interested students can contact the department at 227-7361, or you can stop by room 302 in the Killian building. Students can also visit the department on the web at