Sports Fans?

Dear Editor,

I will have to say that on Monday night down at the Ramsey Center, not the RAC, I was impressed. For the most part it was a college basketball atmosphere, and everyone was treated to a good game between the mountain rivals, Appalachian State and Western Carolina.

However, something didn’t seem quite right.

There were over 3,100 people in the Ramsey Center that night, but I wonder how many of those were actual FANS? Several times during the game, I saw the people in the so-called student section just sitting in their seats not cheering at all. Sounded kinda quiet on that side of the arena. Why do you come to the game and sit there instead of cheer and get loud? It’s college basketball, enough said! Granted a lot of you didn’t grow up fans of Western Carolina, but you are here now. Take pride in the school you chose to attend.

Want to know what you can do? Go to the games, cheer on the team, gets chants started, and raise havoc. It is not that hard to do.

There were several groups represented at the game Monday night and some actually made their name known. There were “The” Fans, who tried to get the Ramsey Crowd into the ball game. We tried our best. Some of the football players dressed up and even walked around the arena trying to get the fans up and cheering. Good try fellas, but thanks for doing your part and getting loud.

However, what’s up with the Greeks? Yes, they showed up in mass quantities and even cheered. But, the only time you actually heard them cheer was when the candy bar was coming around. Let’s see you cheer for more than food at our next home game.

This newly formed group “The” Fans have been getting criticized since Monday night. My only question is why? Some people said we are a disgrace to WCU and embarrassing ourselves. I don’t think so. Yes, we get loud and yes we start chants and got behind our Catamounts. Lord help us from supporting our own team and showing school spirit. There hasn’t been much of that prior to the App. game. Does that sound like a disgrace?

FYI… Just to drop a little knowledge… Casey Rogers – Team Captain… and Kim Cherry cheerleader captain…. they thanked us after the game… Shurina and his coaching staff thanked us after the game. Good to know that people appreciate us for being there.

We may not be the Cameron Crazies, but it’s nice to something coming from the Ramsey Center other than the lights buzzing.

Are their many sports fans on this campus? It’s hard to tell. Do they even care about Catamount athletics? Good question. I hope these questions will be answered at our last three home games. Get out and support the CATS!

William Knight