Servo’s Wrestling ReportReturn to the Sand Pit

Greetings fans, and welcome to Servo’s Wrestling Report. With No Way Out looming in two weeks, the feud between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin is at an all-time high. Not only will these two finally be able to rip each other a new hole at this Pay-Per-View event, but Triple H will also be providing the match stipulation.

I’m not exactly sure what the stipulation might be, but if I had to guess I would think the title shot at Wrestlemania would be up for grabs. I’m sick of seeing gimmick matches as main events. I would love to see Austin and HHH in a simple one-on-one match. I wouldn’t mind a no DQ, but that still would take a lot out of the match.

Is it just me or is the WWF really not playing the Rock/ Angle title match at No Way Out? Right now the Rock is feuding with HHH and Rakishi, and Angle is fighting The Big Show and…Essa Rios? I like Essa pretty well, but I’d rather see WWF focus more on the World Title match instead of these other story lines.

Since ECW has pretty much rolled over and died, the talent of Extreme Championship Wrestling is moving to WWF and WCW. Last Monday night, the WWF debuted former ECW champ, Justin Credible. As far as I can see, he’s paired up with the newly returned X-Pac. A few years back, these two were together as the 1-2-3 Kid and Aldo Montoya. I wasn’t impressed with them then, but Justin has improved in ECW and so has X-Pac. I expect them to do well in the future especially if their feud with Jericho and Too Cool works well.

Other ECW stars that have been signed to WWF’s roster include Rhino and Jerry Lynn. Both have been ECW Champs and can make good additions to WWF’s already talented roster. I just hope these guys don’t get lost in the shuffle.

WCW had a pretty good show this week. As usual, under the direction of Eric Bishoff, the cruiser-weight matches are great, while the rest revolve around Nash, the Steiners, Flair, and Rhodes.

It seems that WCW had decided to take a month or so off to rework story lines, but Ted Turner had already sold advertisements for the show. So instead of taking the time off, WCW intends to just keep the show focused on Nash and the other main guys until the new stuff can be written and implemented. Oh joy, more Nash not giving a rats @$$, the Steiners not daring to job to anyone, and Flair doing the same crap day in and day out.

In other news, the PWF is going to return to the sand pit of Reynolds Wednesday, February 21 for the first event of the semester. Expect some quality matches with some great story lines from Cullowhee’s own wrestling federation.

I don’t even know what’s going to happen next week when the PWF gets down and dirty on the hill. Come join us February 21 at the volleyball court at Reynolds dorm at 9:30 see exactly what we are made of.