Bardo Listens to Students in “Chat” Series

Using the comfort of the residence halls as a back drop, Chancellor John Bardo will hold face-to-face meetings with students throughout March.

“Chat with the Chancellor,” the formal name of the gatherings, is designed to improve the campus and life in general at Western.

University officials said the chats were Bardo’s idea.

“Chancellor Bardo came to me with the idea,” said Suzie Orr, director of housing. “He wants the opportunity to mix with students to share information and be available to hear the student voice.”

The first session was held in early February in the Helder lobby.

Students that attended were pleased with the discussions on the freshman retention plan and ideas on how to make the university more culturally diverse.

New academic buildings, remodeling existing buildings, and a new residence hall were other topics of discussion.

“I enjoyed the meeting because it gave the students an opportunity to voice their opinion to the head honcho,” said Yasmin Morton, a resident assistant in Helder. “He listened and responded.”

Further discussions will be held at 8pm in the lobby of Albright/ Benton, Scott, Leatherwood, and Harrill throughout March.

A meeting will take place in Reynolds once one is scheduled.

Discussions are open to anything of student interest, and all students are encouraged to attend.

“I feel like it was a good opportunity to learn about the growth of the university and what the future has in store for Western,” said Lindsay Thompson, head resident of Buchanan. “Bardo was open to all suggestions, so students should go to the meetings and speak their mind.”

March 06 – Albright/ BentonMarch 20 – ScottMarch 21 – LeatherwoodMarch 28 – Harrill