Fiske Pleads Guilty to Murder of Infant

In Jackson County Superior Court on Monday, a former WCU student was sentenced after pleading guilty to the murder of her newborn child.

Christina Marie Fiske, 22, was sentenced to a minimum of 94 to a maximum of 122 months in prison after entering into a plea agreement.

Fiske had originally been charged with capital murder, and could have faced the death penalty had she not entered into the agreement.

Fiske submitted a signed confession to the court in which she admitted to killing the 6.5 pound baby girl she delivered at her boyfriend’s apartment on February 26, 2000.

The infant, who was buried in Franklin, was later named Jessica Nicole Fiske.

Judge James L. Baker presided over the trial in which five hours of testimony were presented before he handed down the sentence.

Nine character witnesses took the stand to testify about Fiske’s personality, and more than 100 people filled the benches in the courtroom.

The Asheville Citizen-Times contributed to this story.